Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
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If your home is older than John Farnham, your TV still has a dial to change the channels, or you charge your mobile in the bathroom at night as it is the only available outlet in your home you may need to call an experienced Surf Coast electrician. Read on to learn how you can get out of the dark ages.

1/ You are regularly blowing your fuse (and we aren’t talking about your and your spouse “discussion” last night).

If your home’s electrical circuit-breakers trip often, or fuses blow frequently, your circuits are drawing more current than they can safely provide. Contact a licensed Ocean Grove electrician to have your fuses checked.

2/ Your home or business space is older than John Farnham.

If your home or business is over 25 years old, have a qualified, experienced and skilled electrician conduct an electrical safety check to ensure your electrical is working correctly and safely. When performing a residential or commercial safety check, the Smart Green Electrical team looks for potential risks with light switches, power points, smoke alarms, safety switches through to wiring, circuitry, and switchboards providing a detailed quote for potential fixes for safety hazards. 

3/ Your wifi is slower than a two-toed sloth.

The majority of homes around the Bellarine and Surf Coast have tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs and laptops all utilising one wifi signal. For technology to work at optimum speed and efficiency, you need functional, practical network cabling and wifi that doesn’t let you down nor give you flashbacks to the dial-up internet sound! Contact the best Surf Coast electrician, Smart Green Electrical, to speed up your wifi.

4/ Your tv still has a wooden casing.

Let the award-winning team at Smart Green Electrical bring you into the 22nd century. Expert home theatre installation electricians for Geelong, the Bellarine and the Surf Coast; our technicians will design a home theatre system that suits your needs and budget. We deliver, install and set-up your new home theatre system, and, most importantly, we take the time to show you how to operate your new system!

5/ You are on a first-name basis with your locksmith.

Might be time to install a keyless digital door lock and save some money. A keyless entry, or keyless digital door lock, is a device that replaces your traditional doorknob allowing anyone to access your home or business using a PIN, a thumbprint, a keycode or an app. Moreover, you could install a video intercom or smart doorbell so you can answer your door anywhere! Contact the skilled technicians at Smart Green Electrical for tech advice on the best smart doorbell or keyless digital lock for your residential or commercial business needs.

6/ You want to ‘smarten’ up your home.

Imagine turning your air-con on an hour before you get home those stifling 41 degree days, or allowing your kid into the house via your smart doorbell (while keeping that pesky boyfriend out). Considered a luxury years ago is now becoming more commonplace. Adding smart home automation to your Geelong home maximises your home’s security, saves you money (no more lights left on) and gives you the flexibility to manage your home with an app on your smartphone – the possibilities are endless with smart home automation. Contact the experienced, smart home automation experts at Smart Green Electrical for a quote to ‘smarten’ up your home. 

7/ You are charging your mobile phone in the bathroom as it is the only available outlet.

Have Smart Green Electrical pre-design your new home’s electrical or do an electrical design plan for your renovation and get outlets placed where you need them. A proper electrical plan prevents tripping over multiple power strips or overloading your electrical circuits keeping your family safe while providing convenience and functionality to your home space.

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