Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong Electrician Safety Switch Upgrade

The experienced team at Smart Green Electrical in Geelong know that your number one priority when it comes to your family is their safety. Nowhere is this more important than in your own home. Knowing the electrical work in your home is safe and checked by an experienced Geelong Electrician brings peace of mind. If you want to protect your family, you need to make sure you have electrical safety switches fitted in your house.  Here are some things you need to know about electrical safety in your house. 

Why Safety Switches Are So Important To Your Geelong Home 

One of the first things our experienced Geelong Electrician will check for is the presence of properly fitted safety switches. So, what does a safety switch do and why is it so important?

In the event of a power surge or an electrical fault in your house, the safety switch is activated and rapidly cuts off the power.  This avoids dangerous and costly electrical fires and the risk of electric shock. Therefore, your family is kept safe. This is priority number one to our knowledgeable Surf Coast Electricians at Smart Green Electrical. We offer emergency electrical call-outs to the locals of Geelong, The Bellarine Peninsula and The Surf Coast, so you don’t need to worry about your family’s electrical safety.

What Do Safety Switches Look Like?

Safety switches are the small row of switches, or sometimes with older houses, you may only have one or two of these, which are in a switchboard outside your house.

What If I Don’t Have Any Safety Switches?

If you have no safety switch, then there is a real risk that you might experience an electrical fire or a serious electric shock. This is the sort of thing our experienced local Geelong Electricians get really concerned about. If this is the case, pick up the phone now and call Smart Green Electrical to get safety switches fitted correctly. 

Is My Safety Switch Fitted Correctly?

Unfortunately, it’s not just about checking to see whether you have the right safety switches, it’s also about making sure they are installed correctly.  Getting an experienced local Geelong Electrician like the team at Smart Green Electrical to check over your safety switches is a must. It’s probably one of the more economical things you can do to ensure the electrical safety of you and your family from things like electrical fires or electric shocks. As well as saving you time and money replacing electrical items or fixing electrical faults. 

If flipping the switch back into position doesn’t bring your power back on, it’s time to call your local Geelong Emergency Electrician.

How Many Safety Switches Do I Need?

In terms of safety switches in your Geelong home, we say ‘more the merrier’. If your house experiences an electrical fault or surge of electricity your safety switch will be activated and the electricity will be cut off. The first thing you may notice will be no lights or power in your house. If you have switches covering the major areas of your home fitted properly by a Geelong Electrician, it means you will only lose power to that particular area of the house. Consequently, you can keep lights on and power to other places in your house while you wait for an Emergency Electrician to attend your property.  By far the most common call out for Smart Green Electrical’s Emergency Electrician is when a house has lost power. Our experienced Electricians always recommend properly fitting a series of safety switches which cost far less than you think. Therefore, you always have some power in your house. 

Switchboard Upgrades & Why Your Geelong Electrician Cares So Much About It

Newer and more reliable safety switches are always entering the market, so it’s important to review this with an experienced Electrician. If you haven’t had your safety switches looked at for some time, or if you are concerned about the number of switches you have it’s a great idea to contact Smart Green Electrical.  Due to our extensive experience making sure homes in The Bellarine Peninsula, Geelong and The Surf Coast are safe, we can spot common problems with switchboard and safety switches rapidly. 

If you don’t have a safety switch, or you want to get yours checked, it’s time to pick up the phone and call Smart Green Electrical, your local Geelong Electricians now!

If you lose power at any time, night or day, call our team of reliable Geelong Emergency Electricians.  Learn more about our Emergency Electricians and their 24/7 service across Geelong, The Bellarine & The Surf Coast and why these are important for you by reading our blog here. 

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