Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Keyless Entry Home

Calling a locksmith more often than you care to admit? Wouldn’t keyless entry be brilliant for your home and your family?

Save some money and have a keyless digital door lock installed by our qualified Geelong electricians!

What is a keyless entry?

A keyless entry, or keyless digital door lock, is a device that replaces your traditional doorknob allowing anyone to access your home using a PIN, a thumbprint, a key or an app. 

Four reasons to purchase a keyless digital door lock

If you have ever locked yourself out of your house, had your children call you because they lost their key and are locked out, or worried at night that a prowler would find your hidden spare key, then a keyless entry is for you!

1/ Convenience

No need to carry around a key anymore! A keyless digital pad allows anyone to access your home, office or vacation rental with a PIN, keying in a code on an app, or using their fingerprint. Of course, most keyless pads also include a key entry option as well as providing four different options to enter a premise.

No longer will you worry about lost keys, being locked out or paying for a locksmith, with four safe options to enter, rest assured one of them will work. 

2/ Security

Know who is entering and exiting our Bellarine homes or businesses using various PINs. Assigning different codes or using the digital thumbprint option for each family member or employee will allow you to know who is at the premises and when they arrived. 

With different codes and thumbprints being used prowlers will not know which buttons to push to access your business or home. 

3/ One-time access

Without a doubt, one of the best features of a keyless entry is one-time codes. Allowing you to provide access to tradies when you are not home, not to mention allowing friends or guests into your home when you are running late, one-time codes provides accessibility while ensuring your home or business’ security. 

One-time codes also work great for hotels, vacation rentals (AirBNBs)  or weekend guests here on the Bellarine Peninsula. With numerous people going in and out of the property at different times, you can create codes that last for one-time use or up to a few days. 

4/ Automatic locking mechanism

Automatic locking is a feature many keyless entry devices offer. Gone are the days of worrying if you locked the house; the keyless device will automatically lock your home or office for you. Great for vacation rentals or forgetful family members, a keyless digital door lock provides added security. 

Installing a keyless digital door lock

This summer, install a digital door lock. Let your kids roam free knowing they can get back inside anytime. Throw away that spare key and never put down all of your groceries again while you fumble for the keys, simply touch your fingerprint, enter a PIN or use the app and you will be inside faster than a speeding bullet! And for those old school family members, you can give them a key to still use!  

Easy to install, easy to program, and easy to operate—a keyless entry is one of the best things you can gift yourself this holiday season.

Installing made easy with Smart Green Electrical

The friendly team at Smart Green Electrical are your go-to for smart home automation. Our expert technicians will help you select a keyless device right for you, install it, program it, and explain how to use it. Delete your locksmith from speed dial and call Smart Green Electrical 0456 777 067 today or send us an email via our website.


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