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Want a home that is truly ‘smart ’ and get started in home automation? Speak with Smart Green Electrical about making a Smart Home in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula & The Surf Coast. 

Automation is a reality that is transforming the way we live and interact with our homes today. This is the ‘internet of things’ you may have read about, where all your devices are connected and controllable.

Smart Homes Geelong, Bellarine & The Surf Coast

Due to many years of providing excellence in automation, we have identified that the key to a happy customer is simplicity for the homeowner. This is where our skill and experience enable the right selection of innovative technology to deliver a smooth, sophisticated and user-friendly solution.

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Interested in the latest technology? How would you like to come home and open your door without a key? As well as having the lights come on automatically, and having the temperature inside just how you like it? Or press a single button and your lights dim, your blinds drop down and your TV turns on?

Want a home that is truly a ‘smart home’? 

Home automation is a reality that is transforming the way we live and interact with our homes today.

Together with working on brand new builds, Smart Green Electrical can update any existing system to ensure that it is performing to the best of its capabilities.  In addition, we also provide suggestions to improve functionality.

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Packages to make being SMART easy.

Smart Home Packages

Make sure your house is ready for the future and save money on one of our smart homes Geelong, Bellarine & The Surf Coast packages. 

Smart Home Starter

Everything you need to get started in home automation, without the fancy price tag.

Smart Security

Use the latest technology to feel safe when you are in your home, and when you leave it.

Eco Package

Worried about the planet? We are too. Start minimizing your energy use and save yourself some money too.

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