Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
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Sometimes we do not give electricity much thought, yet if you walked into your doctor’s office or a cafe and they had no electricity, you would probably walk right out! 

Bellarine Peninsula businesses rely heavily on their commercial electricity running efficiently. It is essential to have working equipment, lighting, power for tills – any electrical failure can lead to business interruptions, costly repairs, or safety issues. Commercial electricity needs for Geelong business’ can be intricate, with many companies requiring individual electricity fixes or repairs to ensure their electrical system is operating seamlessly. Don’t lose time or money, let Smart Green Electrical technicians improve your Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula or Surf Coast commercial business lighting.

1/ Prevent business interruption

Outages, electrical faults and electrical malfunctions can wreak havoc on your business. You can’t afford to have your electricity go out while your staff are entering patient details into your database, performing a payment transaction or preparing food. 

Smart Green Electrical’s Ocean Grove commercial electricians can prevent delays and business interruptions by ensuring all your technical equipment is working optimally. Don’t suffer with outdated or faulty electrical services, call Smart Green Electrical today 0456 777 067 to get your electrical gear is in tip-top shape.

2/ Maintain a safe workplace

Workplace injuries and disease cost the Australian economy $61.8 billion in lost productivity, future earnings, and potential output. 

Smart Green Electrical’s Geelong commercial electricians help make businesses and workplaces safer by organising electric cables, preventing cable clutter, as well as handling electrical installations and repairs. Hiring a professional Surf Coast electrician means all electrical wiring will be installed correctly and your electrical equipment will be assessed for safety hazards. Not to mention, an experienced Bellarine Peninsula electrician will work with you to determine if your business or workplace needs electrical upgrades to make it safer.

3/ Added security 

Smart Green Electrical’s Bellarine Peninsula commercial electricians will ensure your business is ready in case of an emergency by installing and maintaining: fire alarms, home security systems, and inspecting emergency exit lighting. In accordance with Australian Standards, emergency lighting systems are required to be certified periodically, by conducting a 90-minute battery power down (discharge) test. Discharge tests by a professional commercial electrician help identify damaged equipment, exposed wires, or malfunctioning electrical outlets saving you money and potentially lives.

4/ Reduce your energy bill

Installing energy-saving light bulbs not only reduce your business energy costs but also generally require less maintenance than traditional bulbs. Therefore, you can change lightbulbs less often, reducing maintenance costs. Our Ocean Grove electricians can also install timers or light sensors designed to switch off when the room isn’t in use. 

In addition, older electrical equipment typically uses a lot of power. Smart Green electricians can conduct an audit on all your business electrical to make you more energy efficient. 

5/ Improve your office or business aesthetics 

Let’s face it; many businesses can look a little sterile due to harsh lighting. Create the atmosphere you want for your business with lighting. Smart Green Electrical will recommend suitable lights and light locations to best complement your Surf Coast business creating a soothing, engaging or show-stopping atmosphere for you. 

Improve your business lighting with Smart Green Electrical

Improve your Geelong business’ lighting, prevent electrical outages or get added security with proper lighting from Smart Green Electrical. Get in touch with our friendly team of electricians on 0456 777 067 to see how we can help.

Hiring a Bellarine Peninsula commercial electrician to take care of your business’ commercial electrical will save you money while ensuring you meet safety requirements and reduce your energy wastage. Don’t delay, call Smart Green Electrical today to solve all your commercial electrical needs.

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