Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Video Doorbell

Imagine answering your home doorbell while you are at work or a friend’s house?

Sounds far-fetched, but the technology is here (and affordable!).

What is a video doorbell?

A video doorbell—also known as a smart doorbell—is a device which acts as an intercom with a camera allowing you to see who (or what) is at your doorstep. Unlike those old archaic intercom systems, smart doorbells send notifications straight to your mobile devices. Whether your smart doorbell sends alerts, live video or allows for two-way talk, you can see, hear and speak to your home visitors from anywhere.

Important reasons to install a smart doorbell or video intercom

Security – the number one reason to install a smart doorbell? Security. Receive notifications when motion is detected, or view live video feed of your front door area on your mobile device. Speak to visitors with two-way audio or use pre-recorded replies to give the appearance of being home. Advise the delivery guy where to place your package until you get home from work, or stop prowlers in their tracks with video intercoms. Plus you can even yell at Fifi to get off your lawn (or tell Mr Lewis to pick up after his dog). Simply download the smart doorbells app, and you can see or speak to whoever is meandering on your lawn. 

Convenience – do you own a 2-story house? Have you missed deliveries because you didn’t hear the doorbell or didn’t make it down the stairs in time? With a smart doorbell solution, you can accept parcels and packages anytime anywhere whether you are home in the backyard or at work or even at the beach!  And with Christmas fast approaching no one wants to miss those deliveries (or wait in line at Aus Post to pick them up!).

Elderly relative – do you have a parent still living at home who struggles with mobility or hearing issues? A video intercom might be the solution. They can receive a message straight to their mobile phone or open the app to view who is at the front door. Not to mention they can speak to the person at the entrance to let them know they are coming to answer it or just to leave the package on the stoop. Furthermore, the added security at night will ensure their peace of mind (and yours) that they are safe.

Privacy – last but not least, for privacy (we are looking at you introverts). No longer will you have to answer the door to nosy, old Ms Mailey. Now you can pretend to be out or if you are willing to risk a long-drawn-out convo, speak to her on the two-way talk system. Never see a mailman, delivery guy or your neighbours ever again with a smart doorbell!

Selecting a video intercom or smart doorbell

On the positive side, smart doorbells and video intercoms are relatively affordable at your local hardware shop. The point often overlooked when purchasing a smart doorbell is how you are going to use it. Do you need night vision because you are a night owl and worried about each noise you hear? Are you away from home a lot either on vacation or at work and need a reliable system that allows you to access it no matter how far away you are – like Broome? Or does your elderly mother refuse to leave her Geelong home and you worry about her security? Want to pre-program some responses for her and answer the door for her if needed, so she doesn’t need to get up?

With multiple uses and multiple users, it is essential to find a smart system that works for you and your family. The expert technicians at Smart Green Electrical in Geelong can help. We will provide tech advice and counsel on the best smart doorbell for your specific needs.

Installing a video doorbell or smart intercom

Overall there are some smart systems that you can install yourself that use a rechargeable battery. Without a doubt, they work fine, but how often are you going to remember the battery needs to be recharged? Installing a smart doorbell system directly to your home’s original doorbell system will ensure power and security 24/7. As with any electrical work, we at Smart Green Electrical suggest engaging a qualified electrician to prevent any injuries or damage to your home during an install. 

Call Smart Green Electrical on 0456 777 067 to discuss smart doorbell and video intercom options. We will install and set up your smart system explaining to you how to use it before we leave. Contact Smart Green Electrical today for all your smart home solutions

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