Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
cooling your home

The weather is heating up, and with it, so is the load on your electrical system. There are some small adjustments you can make around your Ocean Grove home to save some money on electricity bills this summer.

Tips on cooling your home in the summer

Heating and cooling use up around 40% of your home’s energy, making it one of the most significant stressors on your electrical system year-round. In the summer there are a few things you can do to help keep your house cool (and save on your electricity bill):

  • Only cool the rooms you are using and close off other rooms.
  • Draught-proof your home in the summer by sealing up cracks and gaps to contain the cold air. 
  • Close your curtains or install window coverings and keep them closed during the day.
  • Open doors or windows when there is a cool breeze.
  • Use fans before air conditioning. Fans cost around 2 cents per hour to run (much less than air conditioners) and reduce the temperature by 2°C or 3°C. As fans circulate air, they can also be used to improve the effectiveness of cooling systems.

Use air conditioners efficiently

If you use an air conditioner, resist the temptation to turn your air con on full speed, hoping it will cool the room down faster. (All that does is use up electricity and increase your electricity bill!) Instead, set your air conditioner to cool at a moderate fan speed. Slow and steady wins the race when cooling your Geelong home affordably.

If you need an air conditioner installed in the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast or Geelong you should choose a qualified, licensed air-conditioning electrician or technician like the team at Smart Green Electrical. Hiring a professional electrician will ensure your AC unit is installed correctly.

Assess your lighting

Small changes can make a difference in your power bill. For instance, changing your old lightbulbs to LED lighting can:

  • lower your replacement costs as LED has a longer lifespan than regular light bulbs 
  • use up to 75% less energy on average
  • provide more light (LED bulbs are brighter than traditional bulbs)

Book an appointment with Smart Green Electrical to learn about installing a smart lighting control system which switches off lights when you leave a room or integrates with your home security system keeping you safe while saving you money on your electricity bill! 

Hang up your washing

Hanging clothes on the line rather than running the dryer, the second-largest energy-consuming appliance in your home can help lower your power bills. 

Cook outdoors

Using your stovetop or oven in the summer can put a strain on your air conditioner and electrical system. Fire up your barbie and take it outside to cook.

Don’t let vampire power suck you dry

Also known as standby power, vampire power is the energy drawn by an appliance even when not in use. 

Stop and think about all the electrical appliances in your home that are plugged in but aren’t currently in use. Even in standby mode, TVs, laptops, kettles, gaming consoles and phone chargers all consume electricity. 

Standby power consumption costs the average household almost $100 per year. By turning off appliances at the wall or turning off your power strips when not in use, you could be saving money not to mention ensuring your safety by avoiding overloaded electrical circuits working 24/7.

Book an energy efficiency assessment of your home or business 

Contact the team at Smart Green Electrical to book an assessment of your home or business to increase your energy efficiency and save money. Call 0456 777 067 or fill out our contact us form online, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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