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CBus Project

The structure of this property was extremely unique as there was a large pond that essentially cut this large house into two. With this feature in mind the technology design was created to ensure control of the whole home was available from anywhere within the property.

Smart Green Electrical designed the solution with C-Bus lighting control as the central controller and with the addition of portable devices the whole house can be controlled from anywhere in the world. The design of the home network ensures that the wifi is available consistently throughout the property and that the elements of smart technology enhances the experience of living in this home.

Home Automation Melbourne

Electrical, C-Bus, Network, Security, Home Automation.

Electrical, Lighting & Home Network Project

This impressive property was a clean and crisp design that we matched with electrical, lighting and security design that complimented the smart and sophisticated architectural design.

With access control and intercom as well as alarm monitoring, the owner of this property is tech savvy and the technology design here was to focus on the usefulness of technology to enhance everyday living.


Electrical, Security, Access Control, Multi-Room Audio, Audio Visual, Home Network, Data and WiFi.

Matrix Home Cinema

This award winning project featured the design and installation of a home cinema themed on the Matrix movie, with the ‘pièce de résistance’ being the projected images of the client’s family onto the cinema screen. The cinema was designed by our partners in this project Wavetrain Cinemas who worked with us to seamlessly deliver the complete experience to the homeowner.

The cinema was acoustically engineered for the best performance possible and the lighting, speakers, projector, screen and control system designed to provide high end quality. Colour changing DMX LED lighting was installed in the bar area, with the overall CBus lighting being controlled by a Control4 system. The attention to detail by our designers and technicians on this project results in the use of specialist products such as quiet glue and speciality brackets that all ensure acoustic quality.

This project won Sound & Image Magazine’s 2016 Cinema Installation of the year.


Electrical, C-Bus, Control4, DMX LED Lighting, Snaptex Fabric Covered Acoustic Panelling, Screen and Projector. 

Heritage Project

This very beautiful and sizeable property is Heritage listed so everything had to be competed with extreme care, consideration and integrity for the structure of the building.

The property had a preponderance of natural finishes and therefore the technology needed to be designed with sympathy for the sandstone and other natural materials used in the construction of the residence.

The electrical and lighting control was designed to enhance the features of the property and create different moods depending on the requirements of the owners. The access control and security features of this project mean that the owners are able to feel safe in the knowledge that their home is safe and secure.

As this property also included an element of automation, the technology was designed to fit in with the natural elements of the space, which included a screen that was automatically lifted into the ceiling and hidden when viewing was over. A great way of integrating the latest Audio-Visual technology into everyday living.


Electrical, Cbus, Security, Access Control, Multi-Room Audio, Audio Visual, Data and WiFi, Home Automation