Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Ceiling fan

Installing a ceiling fan is a relatively cheap option to keep your Ocean Grove home cool. According to Canstar, it costs 2 cents an hour to run a ceiling fan. Whereas, it can cost up to $2.45 to run a full ducted air conditioning unit an hour! While that may not seem like much per hour, over a period of 3 months – you could be looking at $7.80 for running your ceiling fan versus $90-$882 for an air conditioning unit! 

How does a ceiling fan work?

With a simple design and unobtrusive location, ceiling fans provide comfort in your home while saving you money. During the warm Geelong summers, warm air is pushed down by the rotating blades going in a counter-clockwise motion to produce a comfortable breeze which cools the skin otherwise known as the ‘wind chill effect’. 

Additionally, ceiling fans can be used in the winter as well. If you run your fans in a clockwise motion during winter, it will push the warmer air close to the ceiling down, taking some of the load off your furnace or heater.

Costs of installing a ceiling fan

With hundreds of designs and colours to choose from, you should take these factors into account to find the perfect fan for your Surf Coast home or business:

  • Cost of the fan itself
  • Number of ceiling fans you wish to install 
  • Type of control (remote-controlled, pull-cord, wall-switch)
  • Height of your ceilings

Depending on the ceiling fans’ location(s) and type of control you select, additional wiring may be needed, adding to the installation cost. Speak to your licensed Ocean Grove electrician, Smart Green Electrical, to obtain a quote for your fan installation.

Selecting ceiling fans

Designed for various uses and different rooms, below are some factors to take into account when purchasing ceiling fans:

  • Blade materials
  • Number of blades 
  • Length of blades
  • Remote-controlled, pull-cord, or wall-switch controlled
  • Number of speed settings and rotation options
  • Blade pitch
  • Blade shape
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Furthermore, it is essential to know your ceiling height as you may need to purchase a ceiling fan extension pole to hang your fan low enough to work correctly. If your ceiling height is 3 meters or more, you may require an extension rod. 

Determining the right fan size for your room

If your room size is 6 metres by 6 metres or larger, choose a 132 cm fan or above. Comparatively, if your room size is 5 metre by 5 metres or less, choose a 122 cm fan or smaller.  

Ceiling fan blade materials

Generally, there are three types of ceiling fan blade materials to choose from:

  • Powder-coated metal blades – typically the cheapest but may corrode in the coastal air. This type works well in a home’s busy area, such as a kitchen or living room.
  • Timber blades – typically the quietest type of blades, they are usually suggested for bedrooms or study areas to keep the noise level low. 
  • Stainless steel blades – on the expensive side but handle our coastal air well.

Deciding between AC or DC ceiling fans

AC fans are the most common type of ceiling fan you will find on the market. With a variety of types and speeds, pull-string/wall-mount or remote controlled options AC fans are cheap and reliable.

DC ceiling fans are new to the ceiling fan market and therefore more expensive than AC ceiling fans. However, DC ceiling fans are usually more energy efficient, quieter and have a slimmer more compact design than AC ceiling fans.

The expert Ocean Grove electricians at Smart Green Electrical can assist you with choosing the right type of ceiling fan for your needs.

Ceiling fan installations

Once you have selected the type of ceiling fan you want, how many fans you need, and your locations, you should obtain some quotes for ceiling fan installations by electricians. 

On average, it takes one to two hours to install a ceiling fan for the first time. Ensure you inquire about all the costs involved, including any additional wiring you might need to power your new ceiling fans. 

Professional Bellarine Peninsula electricians for ceiling fan installations

The Smart Green Electrical team has many years of experience helping our clients choose the right type of ceiling fans for their commercial business and residential homes.

With 25 years of experience, our Ocean Grove electricians are experts in residential electrical and commercial electrical needs. 

Smart Green Electrical is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service our clients across Greater Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast. Call 0456 777 067 or email [email protected] for any of your electrical needs.

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