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Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
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With so many of us renovating and purchasing homes, it comes as no surprise that one in four Australians are considering smart home automation.

Smart home technology or smart home automation generally refers to having your electronic devices on one central shared network providing you control of your systems in one central location. For example, your home’s thermostat, lights, audio speakers, smart TVs, security cameras, locks and appliances can be connected, which can be controlled from your smartphone or through a mobile touch screen device.

Smart home automation allows you to tap into high-tech functionality while enjoying the convenience, and added security.

Making your home smart

You don’t have to smarten up your home all at once; instead, make minor adjustments to see what you need and want. Think about what aspects of smart home automation is important to you. Would you prefer:

  • A sound system indoors or outdoors for entertaining guests?
  • A smart thermostat to help cut down on heating and cooling bills?
  • Automated lights so you do not have to do your nightly walk through turning lights off?
  • Add a smart doorbell or video intercom for added security?

This list is endless when it comes to smart home technology. The expert electricians at Smart Green Electrical will take your house from the Flintstones to the Jetsons (and beyond) seamlessly.

High-speed internet

Now you have decided where to start with your home automation; the first step is to make sure your internet has the capabilities to handle your smart home dreams. Get your local Ocean Grove electricians at Smart Green Electrical to ensure that you have high-speed internet coverage in all areas of your property. Once your internet is up to speed you can look at adding smart home technology.

Smart TVs

Intuitive electronics are a great way to dip your toe into the automated market and see how it works. Smart TVs usually need to be hardwired to an internet port to stream correctly.

Home audio

Now you have a state of the art smart TV; you may want to up your audio game with some home audio. Control the volume level on your phone, install speakers for an epic home theatre system, or stream music indoors and outdoors to entertain guests.

Smart doorbells and video intercoms

Add extra security to your home by installing a smart doorbell or video intercom. Doors can be locked, security alarms armed, and opening your door will be a breeze with keyless entry.

Automated lighting

Not only do automated lights mean no more wandering the house to shut off all the lights your kids leave on. You can also use them for extra security, setting them to turn on and off when you are away or having motion sensor lights installed outside for added security.

Heating and cooling

Home automation allows you to enjoy those hot summer days by turning on the air con on your way home from school pick up or work, cooling your home down. 

Smart homes technology installed by experienced electricians

If you’re interested in learning more about how to upgrade your residence or what smart home technology can do for you, your family, or your business, reach out to the local Torquay electricians at Smart Green Electrical. 

Servicing Ocean Grove, Torquay, Barwon Heads, Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula, the experienced electricians at Smart Green Electrical can not only automate your home; they will do it with a smile. Call 0456 777 067.

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