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What is C-Bus Home Automation Lighting Control?

If you have started to research home automation you are likely to have come across C-Bus systems and lighting control. 

While you don’t need to know all the technical ins and outs, it is worth familiarising yourself with what C-Bus is capable of and the functionality it can give you.

What is C-Bus?

C-Bus is a system of home automation products that enable communication with each other on a dedicated network. It is primarily a wired system, with cabling and all the other components installed when you build or renovate a home, but it also includes a wireless range of products that enable retrofitting.

How Can Home Automation Help Me?

By wiring or wirelessly connecting all the electrical devices in your home via C-Bus, you get total control over their functionality. You manage the whole system via a programmable hub or controller, for the ultimate in convenience giving you superior comfort, security and even energy savings. It not only makes your home ‘smart’, it can also simplify your life, freeing you to concentrate on everything else on your to-do list. A smart home can also be more attractive to buyers when it comes time to sell, so there could be a financial upside to the investment you make in a C-Bus  lighting control system now.

What Can C-Bus Do?

A C-Bus system can give you control of many devices and functions in your home, including your lighting control, HVAC, electric blinds and more. Here are just some functionality you could program your C-Bus system to perform:

  • Sensor activated lighting, HVAC and music
  • Timer control of devices, including the ability to program devices on or off at specific times
  • An automatic dimmer function for lighting control
  • Automatic shutdown of devices or electronics when you leave the house, including activation of your security system

Why Clipsal C-Bus?

Clipsal has a long history of producing quality electrical accessories, and they have a solid reputation for reliability, technical innovation with products that comply with all relevant Australian Standards. For this reason we use a range of their products including lighting, data communications, home control systems and cable management solutions.

A good example is their range of Satin Zen C-Bus wall switches and power outlets, which have clean, contemporary lines and come standard with LED push-buttons. This makes them easy to find in the dark or if you want to know which switch is in use. They give you the option of controlling one to six switches and can be face lifted from existing units.

What makes up a C-Bus system?

To enable all the elements of your C-Bus home automation system to function you need to install Cat-5e cable and 240V cabling to all areas and devices that you want automated. In addition, and depending on what elements you install, you could need dimmers, relays, wall switches, amplifiers, speakers, security panels and network controllers to name a few.

When is the Best Time to Install a C-Bus Lighting Control System?

The best time to install a C-Bus lighting control system is when you are building or renovating. This is when it is easier to plan your system and lay all the required cabling. You can retrofit, but a fresh install is more practical than trying to find space in your ceiling, wall or floor cavity for cabling. If you have to retrofit a wireless C-Bus setup is likely to be more practical.

How Much Does a C-Bus Home Automation System Cost?

The short answer is that it really does depend on your budget and what elements of your home you want to automate. Get in touch to talk through what functionality you want, then we can design a system that suits your home and budget.

Who can install C-Bus Lighting Control in Geelong?

As we have seen a C-Bus based system is just one element of an integrated home automation system, and they are complex to install. Choosing us means you get qualified, experienced electricians and home automation installers who know how to bring all the elements of your project together.  And if Smart Green Electrical install your C-Bus system we can also offer you superior after sales support and service, because we know how everything was put together.

We can also install your home security system, lighting or an integrated audio visual solution. We also do general electrical jobs like reviewing your home’s wiring.

We have installed C-Bus systems across Australia. No job is too small or too big for our team – from architect-designed private residences to small quick service jobs, we cover them all.

Call us on 0456 777 067 to talk about integrating C-Bus home automation technology in your home, or click here to contact us. 

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