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Deep down, everyone wants to be heard and feel safe. With the latest audio smart home technology, your Home Security System can really listen for your security needs and best of all, respond. 

There are now a range of voice and sound activated features which can be built into your existing smart home system or integrated into the design of your new build. We love sound activation systems especially for security because they create freedom and safety for everyone, especially children, the elderly and disabled.

Here are just some examples of what we can do with voice and sound activated smart home security systems.

Detect a Window Breakage with your Home Security System

There are sensors which detect the sound of a breaking window, or glass door, either single of double glazed, from up to 10 metres away. The sound is detected via a standard microphone feature and will communicate through your smart home security software system to alert you about the breakage. You can also program in further actions to respond to the breakage via your smart phone, such as activating the relevant light near that window or glass door, alerting security, or the police.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms 

Concerned about whether you have sufficient coverage with your smoke alarms to make sure everyone gets out safely in a fire? Specialised sensors can be used to detect sound alarms from both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms within several metres using microphone technology, to set off an alert within your existing smart home system. This broadens the coverage of your existing alarms to ensure that no one gets left behind in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Your Baby Crying

Rather than the muffled sounds of your old baby monitor which would pick up all the surrounding sounds as well as any sounds from your baby, your smart home security system can be designed to detect the specific sounds of a baby crying, within several metres. This can then be programmed to send you an alert on your smart phone, so you can respond to your baby. You can relax in another part of the house or garden, secure in the knowledge that your system will alert you to any problems.

Audio Detection Panic Alarms with your Home Security System

For the elderly or disabled, the use of panic alarms can allow you the freedom and safety of living in your own home. Having wall mounted panic buttons or those that need to be worn by the person are not always effective as many falls happen when the person is too far away to press the button or may be too weak. Fitting audio detection sensors throughout your home means that a cry for help will not fall on dear ears. Your smart home technology can be programmed to detect a audio request for assistance and trigger the appropriate response. Time is critical when responding to medical events, so these features provide peace of mind as well as preserving your privacy.

A comprehensive, professionally designed smart home system is starts with you. At Instinct, we work together with you and your preferred tradespeople to create a tailored smart home security system which meets all your needs for safety as well as creating an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. To find out more about how we can support you in creating your Home Security System, contact us now at Smart Green Electrical. 

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