Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
outdoor sound system

Summer is in full swing! Whoo hoo! What better way to enjoy summer and enhance your Geelong backyard life than with an outdoor sound system?

Below, we cover three common mistakes that people tend to make when adding an audio system to their outdoor spaces.

Mistake 1: not choosing the right equipment

Before you grab your favourite wireless speaker and plonk it down beside your banana lounge, Stop! Wireless speakers are typically assumed for indoor usage and therefore not designed to handle outdoor weather. A splash from the pool or sudden rain shower could ruin your speaker.


Invest in audio equipment designed specifically for outdoor use. Generally, outdoor audio system equipment has protection from sun, dirt, and some water so it can be left outside year-round without worrying about the weather conditions. If you are unsure about what outdoor audiovisual equipment to purchase the expert team at Smart Green Electrical can give you the best advice.

Mistake 2: shoddy speaker layout

Speaker placement is an art. You have to cover a large area providing even sound without needing to blare the audio system to be heard (lest the neighbours call the police!). 


Every Surf Coast backyard is unique, so it is best to trust the audio experts and have an experienced electrician install your outdoor audio system. Typically, a good electrician will take into account not only proper spacing for sound quality (and your current electrical capacity) but also the unique landscaping of your backyard like a pool or slope which may affect the acoustics of your new sound system. 

Mistake 3: purchasing a separate audio system for your outdoors

With all the advanced audio systems nowadays, there is no need to deal with different indoor and outdoor systems. Treating your outdoor audio system separate from your indoor audio system may mean you are continually searching for the outdoor AV remote, running inside to turn the indoor system off, or (horror of horrors) missing Cold Chisel belt out Khe Sanh while you are busy in the kitchen preparing food for your guests. 


One consolidated home audiovisual system. Seamlessly play audio indoors, outdoors choosing exactly where to play the music using your smartphone, tablet or a universal remote. If you already have an existing smart home audiovisual solution indoors, the experienced technicians at Smart Green Electrical in Ocean Grove can work with your current system to add outdoor audio capabilities or upgrade your home audio system to one that services your indoors and outdoor audio needs. 

Contact the Ocean Grove AV experts

If you’re interested in upgrading your outdoor areas with a high-end smart home audiovisual solution, contact the team at Smart Green Electrical on 0456 777 067. As specialists in home entertainment, we are confident in our ability to design and install the best entertainment system in Geelong that streams music around your home or to one of our award-winning home cinema installations. Get the best multi-room audiovisual that’s on the market, call the knowledgeable AV experts at Smart Green Electrical for all your audiovisual needs. 

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