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Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
wall mounted tv

Gone are the days of the 100 kg TVs encased in a wooden cabinet (no wonder no one ever got a new tv back in the day; it was too heavy to move!). Nowadays, we can wall mount your television with ease! 

Benefits of wall mounting your TV

Mounting a TV on a wall in your Geelong home has many benefits, including:


Without a doubt, the number one reason we hear clients say they want their new smart TV mounted on a wall is to save space. To gain even more floor space by getting rid of the TV cabinet altogether and tucking your accessories in the wall behind your new smart TV.

Our team of qualified Geelong electricians have years of experience mounting TVs. They are well versed and aware of the electrical regulations that must be adhered to for your home entertainment system to work properly. 

Reduces clutter

As part of our TV wall mount, we hide all those wires in your wall cavity, creating a seamless, uncluttered look in your lounge, office or living area. Not only do we hide wires, but we also hide accessories such as gaming consoles, cable boxes and more. Furthermore, the Smart Green Electrical technicians can install lighting, speakers, or projectors for your very own bespoke home theatre room.


Finally, and probably the most crucial benefit of using a Geelong electrician to mount your TV is safety. No need to worry about the television falling off the wall, anyone tripping over cables or dogs chewing the wires. Keep your loved ones (and your TV) safe by engaging the experienced Ocean Grove electricians at Smart Green Electrical mount your TV.

To mount or not to mount that is the question 

The benefits are clear, and you agree a wall mounted tv works best for your home, now you need to take a few things under consideration to decide the best location for your wall mounted tv.

Type of walls to mount your TV to

Generally there are two types of walls to mount a tv: plaster and brick. 

If you want to mount your TV on a plaster wall, it is essential to ensure you locate a stud in the wall to attach the bracket to. Your local Geelong electrician can assist you with this.

In comparison, it is relatively easy to mount a TV on a brick wall; however, it can be harder to run the wires and cables through the wall. An experienced Torquay electrician can suggest alternative options or how to run the wires with minimal exposure. 

Many people want to mount their TV above a fireplace. While this can be a great spot, you must consider if you will be using the fireplace often as the heat from it can impact the TV.

Factors to consider when wall-mounting your tv

If possible, hardwired is best, however if a network cable is too difficult to get to the new TV, our technicians are experts at upgrading your Wifi to ensure video streaming is seamless.

At the same time, while your walls are open for a TV installation, You can also have our knowledgeable Torquay electricians wire lights, speakers, or projectors to create a bespoke home theatre system that works for your budget.

Professional Geelong electricians for home entertainment system setups

The Smart Green Electrical team has many years of experience helping our clients choose the right technology to be installed in the right location in their Geelong home at a budget that works for them. 

Contact the team at Smart Green Electrical for all your home electrical and emergency electrical needs. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service our clients across Greater Geelong, The Bellarine & Surf Coast our 25 years of electrical experience ensures quality and safety at all times.  Please call 0456 777 067 or email [email protected]

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