Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Control 4 Neeo universal wifi remote

First there was the era of channel-changing as exercise – way back when you had to physically remove yourself from the couch to switch between the two (perhaps even four!) TV channels available. Then came the evolution of the remote control. Such bliss! But along came more devices and more remotes. Until all of a sudden, we were back where we started – getting exercise – this time searching for the sixteenth remote somewhere behind the couch cushions. If you’re not quite ready to leap into the Smart Home era, our experienced Bellarine Peninsula electricians can still help streamline your audio-visual experience and simplify your life by assessing your current equipment, recommending the best Universal Remote Control for your situation, consolidating your electronic equipment and helping get everything set up and programmed.

Benefits of a Universal Remote Control

You can use a Universal Remote to operate many consumer electronics devices. From your smart TV, to audio equipment to home theatre receivers and Foxtel boxes, all of your home entertainment options will literally be at your fingertips. No more time wasted looking for remotes, trying to work out which remote does what or turning on/off the wrong electronic.

Remote-Control Options

There are plenty of Universal-Remote Control options out there, from highly reduced designs, with only a few buttons, to upgradeable and learning remotes, touch-screen remotes, and smartphone or tablet universal remotes. By contacting our expert Surf Coast electricians, you’ll be tapping into 25 years of experience – we’ll get you set up and programmed with the least amount of fuss in the shortest amount of time – and we’ll walk you through all the ins and outs of the new remote, too.

Cabling and Device Options

While you are streamlining your multiple remotes into a single universal remote, why not also streamline your cables and smaller devices (like Foxtel or Chromecast) as well? You’ll definitely thank yourself when there are no more cables running alongside the wall to gather dust or for the cat to gnaw on. Our professional Ocean Grove electricians can assess your cabling requirements and discuss your options (and ensure there are no electrical overloads waiting to happen).

Streamline your entertainment with Smart Green Electrical

Exercise is exercise and relaxing should be relaxing – so stop looking for multiple remote controls and tripping over cables, get in touch with our friendly team of Ocean Grove electricians today.

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