Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
outdoor lights

Aesthetics, safety, home security, and ambience – there are many reasons to choose outdoor lights for your Surf Coast home. Mixing your lighting is a great way to illuminate and stylise your home. 


Arguably the most common type of outdoor light, floodlights give you the broadest light coverage. Whether installed on the ground or mounted on a wall, floodlights are commonly aimed at a fixed point such as a parking lot, walkway or commercial signage. Flooding an area with light floodlights often helps improve the safety of the area, making it easier for people to see the area. Plus, it is often said that floodlights discourage property damage and burglaries. 


Spotlights highlight a specific area with little light. Often found in museums, spotlights can be used indoors and outdoors for aesthetic or wayfinding purposes. These lights are excellent around pools, pathways, or frontage signage spotlights provide focused light.

LED garden lights

LED garden lights enhance your garden’s visibility and add to the ambience. And since they are typically low voltage, they minimise your electrical costs whilst maximising your aesthetic. Plus, the lights can be installed to come on automatically at sunset (and go off at dawn), so you never have to try to remember to switch on your LED garden lights.

Deck and step lights

Outdoor lights provide soft glowing light for you and your guests to find your way. Whether you add outdoor lights to your railing, floor or stair risers, it helps with safety. Plus, it makes your stairs pop.

Motion sensor lights

Most outdoor lights can include motion sensors. It is a great security and safety device and saves energy since the light is usually only on for a few minutes. Great for entrances, exits, garages, driveways and walkways – motion sensor lights are effective for areas that don’t need constant illumination. 

Surf Coast electrician outdoor light installations

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