Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Electricity Plan

Forgetting about electrical work is common when you are renovating or building a home in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula or the Surf Coast. Your electricity plan is the backbone of your house – you can’t afford to get it wrong!

When drafting a residential electrical design Smart Green Electrical focuses on:

  • functionality 
  • lighting needs
  • energy efficiency
  • safety

1/ Functionality

Function and convenience are essential when looking at the electrical design of your Geelong home.

A professional electrician from Smart Green Electrical gives careful thought to the placement of your electrical switches and outlets to maximise convenience.

We ensure that:

  • rooms are well lit
  • light switches are accessible
  • electrical sockets are located in appropriate locations for your appliances
  • sufficient internet ports/TV sockets

Below are some helpful electrical tips for rooms in your Ocean Grove home that you may not have thought of for your electricity plan:

  • Kitchen: add power outlets near benches or places you’re likely to sit down for coffee, or put in a USB charger socket for your mobile phones or devices 
  • Bedroom: electrical outlets near your bed and side tables are a must – also consider adding sockets to corners, as well as think about the placement of your furniture (where desks or TVs are going to go)
  • Hallways and living room: consider putting powerpoints along a hallway for vacuum cleaners
  • Outdoor space: adding extra sockets for Christmas lights or decorations, weatherproofing sockets for longevity

These are just a few suggestions your local, experienced electrician can suggest during an electrical consultation.

2/ Lighting needs

One common mistake that the technicians at Smart Green Electrical see often is homeowners on the Bellarine Peninsula over lighting their space, installing too many lights or choosing bulbs that are too bright or strong for their home.

Engaging a qualified electrician to assess your lighting needs and design your electricity plan, you can save money on your power bill and allow you to have a well-lit house. Dimmers, energy-efficient lighting and proper lighting placement through clever electrical design will ensure things are bright, but not cost you an arm and a leg.

3/ Energy-efficient and smart home lighting

We all want to save money, right? So with this purpose in mind, a professional electrician can make the right lighting choices for your new home or renovation on the Surf Coast, saving you heaps!

Our electricians in Ocean Grove can help you choose energy-efficient lighting and appliances when you design or renovate your home, which will save you power and therefore money.

4/ Safety

Electricity can be dangerous; therefore, it is imperative you have a professional electrician design and install your lights and outlets. A trained electrician will consider important factors when designing your electricity plan such as:

  • installing switches and outlets out of the reach of kids and pets
  • ensuring bathroom outlets are up to grade and installed away from splash zones
  • ensuring kitchen outlets can handle the electrical loads of numerous appliances
  • determining where to place outdoor sockets for added security and convenience 

Customised electrical plan

Engaging a professional electrician to design your electricity plan early on in your Geelong home renovation or Surf Coast new home build is key. This will allow you to add extra sockets, put sockets in convenient areas you may not have thought of, or change the location of a socket if it does not suit your needs. A proper electricity plan drawn up before construction or renovations starts, allows your builder to work with the electrician to design the smart home of your dreams. 

For instance, you may want extra sockets outside for your “Griswald-style” Christmas lights or an extra outlet placed near your BBQ so you plug in a beer fridge beside it. Not to mention needing extra weatherproofed sockets for your patio lights to enjoy those Christmas lights and barbecued food! 

Conversely, indoors you may need extra sockets for the multitude of devices you need to charge each night for the whole family, motion censored lights so you can stop yelling at your kids to turn off the lights, or even extra sockets put in for all your Christmas decorations. 

No matter your electrical needs it is important to engage an experienced electrician to develop an electrical design for your home. A proper electrical plan prevents tripping over multiple power strips or overloading your electrical circuits keeping your family safe while providing convenience and functionality to your home space.

Contact your local Geelong electrician for electrical design plans

Smart Green Electrical creates award-winning electrical, smart home and audiovisual electrical designs. So, if you are building a new home or renovating, consider engaging the Smart Green technicians to assess your home and needs to develop a customised electrical plan for you.

Contact the team at Smart Green Electrical for all your electrical design needs – we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service our clients across Greater Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula & the Surf Coast. 

Call us direct on 0456 777 067 or email via our contact us page for all your Geelong electrician needs.


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