Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Outdoor lighting


As we move into spring many of us around Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast are spending more time outdoors in our gardens, on our decks and in our front and back yards.

The experienced team at Smart Green Electrical know that installing outdoor lighting is a great way to enjoy your exterior living space more, making it easier to cook, entertain, soak in the spa or move safely in the dark. Aesthetically pleasing, outdoor lighting expands your entertaining space, while increasing your home’s safety and potential sale value.

Plus, well-positioned outdoor lighting can transform a drab garden into a beautiful space by focusing lighting on the areas you want to draw attention to. (This  also helps to draw the eye away from those struggling plants.)

5 Reasons to Light Up your Outdoor Space

1/ Safety – using proper lighting on your walkways, stairs and around your garden can illuminate dark areas preventing trips and accidents.

2/ Discourage break-ins – all the extra visibility will work in your favour as individuals bent on robbery or mischief do not like light. If your garden and walkways are illuminated, it is less likely that anyone will try to break into your home.

3/ Ambiance – lighting trees, statues or even water features can create ambiance in your garden giving you more space to host guests (when we are allowed) or enjoy some quiet time alone.

4/ Enjoy more outdoor time – outdoor lighting not only lengthens the time you can enjoy the evening coolness of your garden/terrace, but it also expands your living and entertaining space. Many of us work long hours during the day not getting a chance to enjoy the outdoors, so having a well-lit outdoor space provides extra enjoyment at night.

5/ Increase home value – a well-lit outdoor space creates ambiance for your home wowing your guests and even potential buyers. 

Planning Your Outdoor Garden Lighting Needs

There are many different types of electrical outdoor lighting now available—from fibre optics and LEDs to halogen and fluorescent lighting—some are more complicated than others to install, so consulting a qualified electrician is helpful.

Electricians can provide guidance on what types of lights to use and where to place them to avoid glare for yourself and your neighbours. Planning your outdoor lighting installation with a professional electrician will help meet your specific needs and tastes creating areas for relaxing, entertaining or sporting activities.

Adding Electrical Outlets Outside

If your outdoor lighting plan needs additional electrical wiring, having an electrician install extra outlets could be beneficial. The number of outlets will depend on your family size, your activities, and your space. You could add an outdoor speaker, extra heating or even a new spa—the possibilities are endless!

Using a Qualified Electrician

Smart Green Electrical technicians have been installing outdoor lighting for years. We are well-versed in the different types of lighting and how to install them correctly. If you are unsure how outdoor lighting can change your space, contact our local electricians today on 0456 777 067. The Smart Green team in Geelong are always happy to provide quotes and advice on electrical installations. 

Trust the experts at Smart Green Electrical for all your home electrical and emergency electrical needs—we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service our clients across Greater Geelong, the Bellarine & Surf Coast.

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