Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
security lighting

Security lighting has come a long way from the GMHBA stadium-style floodlights. Nowadays, there are various types of outdoor lighting that you can install to add visibility, ambience and security to your home. 

From catching crooks to keeping that young teenage daughter well lit after a first date, there are many benefits to adding outdoor lighting


Simply by installing extra lighting around your property, you will be less likely to be the chosen target of burglars. Thieves look for the most accessible house to rob, and lights mean they are unable to hide. A video intercom or CCTV are also great ways to alert you if someone steps onto your property or enters your house. 


Walking from your vehicle to your home at night in the dark can result in you or your family members tripping over a kids scooter or fumbling around for keys. Low lights on your garden steps or even a motion sensor light on your keyhole can light up your home safely. 


Some people choose to leave their external house lights on during the day so that the lights are ready for them when they return home. While this works for lighting your way, it is wasteful in terms of energy and your money. Motion sensored lighting is a great way to combat this issue.


Suppose you’re sick of the frustration of fumbling with your phone flashlight, trying to find your front door key while also trying not to drop the bags you are carrying. In that case, you might enjoy the convenience of a keyhole light, automated gateway lighting or some soft walkway lighting. 

Wildlife deterrent

One side benefit of outdoor lighting that you might not have thought of is that your lights may deter wildlife. Keep possums, foxes, rabbits and other rodents from coming too close to your house, or keep them from getting into places they shouldn’t. 

Use a qualified electrician to light your home

Smart Green Electrical technicians have been installing outdoor lighting for years. With so many lighting options out there now, getting some advice on the best outdoor lighting to suit your Barwon Heads home or Torquay business. Our Geelong electricians are always happy to provide quotes and advice on lighting installations. 

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