Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine

Imagine stripping off the minute you get home and taking a dip in your pool (in your swimsuit, of course)! From birthday parties to holiday get-togethers to BBQs – pool lights provide you with the option to utilise your pool long after the sun has gone down (or, for us, early risers long before the sun comes up). 

The Benefits

Lighting your pool area has many practical and aesthetic advantages:

  • Improves night-time visibility in the pool area.
  • Increases safety around the pool.
  • Added home security at night.
  • Improves the aesthetic of your home and outdoor area. (hello flashing coloured lights)

The Types

Victorians have two choices for pool lights – LED or halogens. Both types have positive and negatives to them. 

LED pool lights are more economical options as they last on average 10 times longer than halogen bulbs. They also come in a variety of colours. However, they can be a bit more expensive to purchase. 

Halogen lights are less efficient than LED, but they are typically brighter. The downside of halogens is they produce a significant amount of heat that may melt their seals. So, it is essential to check halogen lights frequently to see if they need to be replaced.

Pool lights installation for the Surf Coast

Undoubtedly, working with electricity around water is a safety hazard. One of the main reasons you should hire an experienced residential electrician in Ocean Grove for your pool light installation. Contact Smart Green Electrical on 0456 777 067 for installations in Geelong, Torquay, Lorne, Jan Juc, or Anglesea.

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