Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine
Home Theatre Installations for Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine

Are you watching Netflix on your laptop? Using that old small tv connected to an HDMI cord to stream movies? Or are your wires snaking everywhere around your home, under rugs or plugged into the outlet across the hall? Eek! 

First, call us if your home circuits look like a snakes nest because it is dangerous! Second, have our expert Bellarine electricians give you a quote to upgrade your home entertainment system.

With so many home theatre options to consider, having an experienced Ocean Grove electrician quote and install your home cinema ensures you get the right products for your needs. 

Home theatre setups in Geelong

Obviously, a wall-mounted smart TV is going to be the keystone of your home cinema set up. To minimise your home theatre installation costs, you should consider a few other factors before you book your home cinema installation.


Decide whether you want to wall mount your TV, change to a smart TV or install a projector screen. Note that some homes may require a cabling upgrade or additional outlets to accommodate smart TVs. Additionally, adding a wall cavity space behind your TV to hide cables and media devices is something to consider. 

Extra media devices

If you use additional media devices like HDMI cables, gaming consoles, Foxtel or Chromecast, you may want a cavity in the wall behind your TV to hide the wires and devices. 

Audio visual

Imagine a multi-room audiovisual system that feels like you are right there when the planes fly overhead in the Castle. Or allows you to turn up the Geelong Cats song so loud the neighbours hear it. Epic right? Then add a universal remote so you can manage it all with the touch of a button.               

Contact the award-winning home theatre specialists in Ocean Grove

Anyone can put together a home cinema with a bit of DIY work and YouTube videos, but we would not recommend it. Engaging a professional electrician for your home theatre installation means technical expertise, safety and the best acoustic performance possible for your home. With 25 years of experience, our Surf Coast electricians are experts in home theater and audiovisual installations.

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